Media Gold Standard with Kimberly Sue and Nathalia Gibbs invites Elizabeth Brico to speak on a podcast about the systemic harms visited upon parents who use drugs by child protective services.

June, 2020

movementforfamilypower.orgMovement for Family Power includes Elizabeth Brico on a live panel discussing the harm of the child welfare system against people who use drugs.

June, 2020

talkpoverty.orgTalkPoverty names Elizabeth Brico a 2019/20 journalism fellow.

April, 2019

National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls names Elizabeth Brico a 2019 Reimagining Communities fellow.

January, 2019

Headlines of Hope on WorkIt Health features Elizabeth BricoWorkIt Health includes Elizabeth Brico in a list of five inspiring addiction recovery stories called Headlines Of Hope

27, December, 2017

drugtruth.netDrug Truth Network invites Elizabeth Brico to discuss the failed war on drugs (audio/written transcript)

08, December, 2017 Brandi Kennedy names Elizabeth Brico an undaunted woman

26, September, 2017

The Washington Post quotes Elizabeth Brico's writing in The Health 202: Insurers make their pitch on how to rescue health-care system

12, September, 2017 Domesticity  interviews Elizabeth Brico about being a motivating mom

24, June, 2017

Artistic Echoes interviews Elizabeth Brico about living and parenting with PTSD

21, March 2017 Sides With Ann Fisher  invites Elizabeth Brico to talk about telling the stories of the opioid crisis (audio)

22, August, 2017